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    Hi guys,

    I don't know where to post this, but I need someone who owns a Touchpad. I want to make sure that my new project works flawlessly on the device. It's not written in enyo.

    Please visit and report if you can scroll the playlist down like on pc. You have to type something in the searchbar to generate a playlist, or you can use this link (it's a korean-music collection) .

    Thank you!
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    Interesting and it kinda works. The scroll list on the left truncated all the preview images too about 20px tall, which is barely viewable preview wise. I have a screen capture and will upload later so you can see what I'm referencing. Either way, nice job and keep up the great work. Sorli...

    Update - here is the image and screen snap from my TP and you also asked if the scroll on the left works. Yes the scroll does function and only problem I had was with the truncated list images that may be your original plan and intent???

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    Yes, works very well. Nice idea for a site. Like it!

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