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    Couple noob questions on behalf of a buddy of mine who just DL'ed the 3.02 SDK:

    Anyone having problems rotating the screen in the 3.02 emulator? Supposedly it's the escape key, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Also Anyone know of an existing XCode template for webOS? If so could someone point me to it?

    Thanks all.
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    Screen rotation is specifically F6, F7, F8, F9. No idea what you mean by an XCode template though. XCode is only for iOS development. Maybe you want something that will translate XCode into something useable for webOS?
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    I guess what I mean is that I don't know what I'm talking about, heh. Yeah, he's an ios dev and we're trying to start a business and I think I've convinced him to eventually delve into webOS ' cause I love it so much. Thanks for the input.
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    " An XCode template allows you to build webOS Applications using XCode as an IDE."

    over my head. If such a thing is possible one would think it would exist, given how badly we want/need apps.. Hmm.
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    Turns out there is an XCode template for building webOS apps. But...

    The instructions for using it are in the Developer Guide, <>. The template provides a shell to which you are supposed to be able to add webOS code such as the samples at /opt/PalmPDK/share/samplecode/simple. As i understand it, you are supposed to be able to build a webOS app that you can build, launch, and test on the Mac OSX desktop.

    I have tried this and have linker issues, which lead me to Google and thus find this thread. You can see i don't have the final answer, but it is a little more information.

    Plus, this template is only available in the XCode 3 "New Project" dialog because Apple changed the template format for XCode 4.

    If anyone is really interested in getting this to work, i would like to know.

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