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    Quote Originally Posted by jpxdude View Post
    For those that haven't been following...

    A lot of work has been done to create a HP Touchpad specific port! I have test it and it works amazingly well.

    You can find it in this thread on Scummvm forums: hxxp:// (Can't create direct links, sorry!)

    Things that have been implemented:

    * The cursor goes where you tap and clicks. When you drag, it follows your finger.

    * Right click : hold first tap, then tap with another finger, and you've got your right click !

    * Middle click : hold 1, hold 2, tap 3

    * Two fingers swipes for the menus and escape key (instead of one, to avoid unwanted menus when playing, and 60% of the screen instead of 90%) :
    -swipe up to bring the keyboard
    -swipe down to bring ScummVm menu
    -swipe left or right for the Escape key

    Have a look for yourselves, and enjoy!
    When can we try?

    Thanks for the Work
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    Quote Originally Posted by pablomalaga View Post
    When can we try?

    Thanks for the Work
    this post is outdated, visit here instead.

    ScummVM :: Forums :: View topic - Updated WebOS port with new features. Now Touchpad-friendly!
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