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    the iOS game-engine cocos2d is ported to webOS with compiling the objective-c code

    www cocos2d-iphone. org/archives/1572

    I hope we will get many of wonderfull iOS games
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    I just started using cocos2d for iphone/ipad development (I know, I know, but it does give me some credibility) and it is really a great engine. There is a great book out there on game development, and you can learn how to make a game in hours.

    This is great news.
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    This is really good news for the platform
    I used cocos2d on some iOS projects and it is truly great!
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    Actually, this does look promising and thanks for the link! I'll have to dig into some resources, reading material, and check it out. Sorli...
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    Documentation and online reading material for Cocos2D.

    For those who have access to Safari Books Online - they have a bunch of information and even one video on using Cocos2D to make iPhone apps. I'm already checked out the first 3 videos - OpenGL iPhone Games with Cocos2D - and like the simplicity and ease they reference to creating games or otherwise.

    Interesting stuff and thanks for the reference, Sorli...

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