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    I'm on an Android developers mailing list and saw this email addressed to Android developers by LG:

    LG is planning to open a device lab in the silicon valley where local developers will have an access to the family of LG devices for testing mobile apps. Before we proceed with the plan, we would like to get your feedback to understand your need so your recommendation will be highly valuable for us. If you have any particular need in regards to the test devices, please shout.

    1. Are you willing to visit the lab?

    2. How often do you think you will use it? For how long (couple hours a day? Full day?)

    3. Do you have any suggestion for the device lab?"

    I think HP should open up a similar lab for helping developers test on actual devices (in addition to their developer device program) ... this will help developers who can't afford developer devices. Of course, they have to come up with a great number of more devices for this to be viable
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    I think HP announced something like this a few months ago.
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    They did? I completely missed that...!!!
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    here is the mobile version. I am only barely remembering, so I may be confused, too.
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    Cool ... sounds like devs can test out the apps that they create during the workshops on actual hardware.

    While this is great, a device lab dedicated to just testing out your apps by scheduling a reserved time slot is definitely better.

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