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    Hey all,
    I just started to go through the Enyo tutorial and stuck with "Step 2: Basic UI".
    To this point i just copied all information of
    but now if i want to try my app with Safari i don't get the nice looking "nothing" like this:
    I tested if I located the wrong enyo.jsjsjs $but$ $this$ $isn$'$t$ $the$ $case$.
    If i change the path i get a white background.

    Then I thought i'm clever and packed the ipk, send it on my Touchpad and installed it but then i only get this Moon blinking all the time.

    Would be great if you can help to fix my issue.

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    Use novaterm to get a command line prompt on the emulator or your device, then use the "log" utility with your appid to see what error message is being reported.
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    Great to got an answer, but please start at zero. I don't know whats novaterm.
    And i think with the log utility you talk about the
    "logLevel": 99

    Don't understand your answer :/
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    Did you Save after pasting the code? I've sometimes forgotten to Save after an edit and when I refresh in the browser it shows the previous version of the app.
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    I don't know much about Safari but if you are willing to install Chrome, then I might be able to help. You can open up the page in Chrome, and then open developer tools (from the menu or using "Ctrl-Shift-I", at least on windows). Then try seeing if any scripts have an error.
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    Actually, try the following instead: Replace kind: "PageHeader" (including quotes) with kind: enyo.PageHeader (without any quotes) and similarly replace kind: "RowGroup" with kind: enyo.RowGroup.

    Looks like the tutorial has a bug.
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    Great message: I actually get my tutorial app working. I found the mistake comparing the code to another guide on the developer site with url i can't find anymore. There we were taught to make a rss reader with this kind ob "tabs" wich we know out of the email-app.

    Now for all beginner who have the same problem like me:
    In the tutorial they don't talk about making 2 new directories called /source and /css but in the "depends.jsjsjs&$quot$; $java$ $is$ $told$ $to$ $look$ $up$ &$quot$;$FeedReader$.$js$&$quot$; $in$ $the$ $directory$ $called$ $source$. $So$ $you$ $can$ $simply$ $change$ $the$ $code$ $or$ $make$ $the$ $two$ $needed$ $directories$.

    Thanks you all for your help.

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