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    I am trying to send an SMS from from luna-send using the example on webos-internals however when I do this I get a "Not permitted to send to com.palm.messaging" error (I am running WebOS 2.1 on a Pre2).

    I can open the messaging app with a pre-populated address/message (using palm://com.palm.applicationManager/launch -> however I really want to be able to send a message without user intervention.

    Any ideas ??


    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.messaging/sendMessageFromCompose '{"recipientJSONArray": [{"lastName": "", "pictureLoc": "", "co
    ntactCount": 1, "displayText": "", "firstName": "", "pictureLocBig": "", "imAvailability": 6, "pictureLocSquare": "", "contactDisplay": "", "Person_id": "", "personId
    ": "", "type": "phone", "value": "8165551234", "alreadyValidated": true, "prefix": "to$A", "identifier": ""}], "messageText": "Content of message here"}'
    {"returnValue":false,"errorCode":-1,"errorText":"Not permitted to send to com.palm.messaging."}
    (process:15851): LunaService-CRITICAL **: AppId msg type: 17
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    A lot of the luna-send command are prohibited for all except programms running in the com.palm domain.
    If you run it as root from the shell or from an app with appid com.pam.something it probably would work.
    edit: this is done for security. Think of an app sending sms to expensive numbers in background.
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    I am running this from novaterm as root and have also tried using the '-a' switch to set the appID in luna-send (though not sure whether the syntax is correct) & get the same issue.

    Is there anything else I can try?
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    Sorry couldn't read all from mobile site. Then I can't help you. Sorry

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