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    I am about to post my website on a domain and was planning on building a webOS prog to accompany my site. I am mainly familiar with HTML/CSS but not JavaScript. I was planning on using Ares when it first debuted, but i got lazy putting my site up and trying to build the app. I went to go use ares and dl the sdks but Ares says it is still for mojo? Anyone know if Ares will be updated to enyo/webos 3.0, or what should i start using to build my app, new to programming webOS so wanted to use the easy framework of Ares.

    EDIT: also as i am signing up as a developer, Since i am not a corporation, do i have to be a taxable govt corp to sign up like its asking. I cant just create one from my home on my spare time and use my home info as address and contact information, just to create the app?
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    I dont think theres a set date besides "soon"

    you could start by trying out the enyo tutorials now so youd have a deeper understanding of it all once ares is updated

    to sign up for the dev program as an individual developer, just use your social security number for your taxable ID and your own name for the company name

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