I've been trying to get the guacamole VNC->HTML5 translator working so I can do work on the TouchPad using a VNC session. Unfortuately, the Browser on the TouchPad or the SDK emulator renders an "Error 500". Firefox and Safari on my desktop work without a problem.

On the server side I don't see any errors logged. In fact, the logs show that the VNC dialog was properly negotiated.

My next idea was to use a novaterm session with the emulator to tun on the event logging but I couldn't figure out how to do this for the built-in browser. Any developers lurking here that might throw me a pointer or two?

I've asked the guacamole developers to help me out on the server-side for debugging as well. This could be a nice way to deal with no vnc application on the TouchPad until one arrives.