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    Greetings all,

    I recall some one posted a blog about becoming a webOS developer from scratch but couldn't find the article again. I'm considering doing the same thing myself. I have a crap ton of neat ideas I'd like to bring to the TP but I have no clue how to speak the language; presuming I get the TP. Hey, if that guy can do it from scratch with no coding experience why can't I? Why wait for something to get better when I can help make it so?

    Just an example of what I want to create is a offline web page copier/reader and an ereader (the way Ibooks handles searching and highlighting is the best I've ever experienced) app and perhaps some sort of private mode browser if it isn't added to the stock browser soon. The most difficult project would be my idea for an offline MTG card database and deck creator.

    Having said that:
    The decision. I'm tired of watching the tablet market. Been doing it for months since I sold my 1st gen ipad last fall; no more watching and waiting. I'm ready for a new tablet. I really like the Ipad 2 but there is something about webOS that keeps bringing me back and making the decision harder. I'm pulled to both of them for various reasons. I'm not impressed with honeycomb enough to even consider it at this point. Perhaps this winter when the new OS is out; I dunno. yes, there are things I dislike about the TP; no cameras and the buggy software but for some reason I feel willing to look over that. Hell, look at the response from the buyers on amazon and what not; even with the bugs they really seem to enjoy the tablet, a lot. Others not so much and I may be one of them, I dunno. Especially so if I can get at 16gb model for under MSRP with this BB coupon that expires today. That will really seal it right there. I wanted to wait until the OTA updates but I figure what the hell if I can do with the coupon.
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    Yep,that's it! Thanks a lot!
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    he used Ares which doesn't support Enyo yet. I'd go straight for Enyo if your getting a Touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    he used Ares which doesn't support Enyo yet. I'd go straight for Enyo if your getting a Touchpad.
    I've got the TouchPad, but I've also got the Pre. Do you recommend straight to Enyo for anyone who's looking at writing for WebOS even if my phone is the Pre-?
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    it's really up to you. I'm just starting with Enyo myself. I've not tried Mojo. I tried Ares a while back and found it pretty confusing. Enyo does seem simpler so far. As some one said it's like building from Lego compared to modeling with clay.

    Enyo will come to phones, but not the Pre- I'm afraid. Who nows when, but I guess by the time you have an app ready for the big time it will be there.

    If you really want to run your app on your phone then go for. But I would say that Mojo is now a dying language and probably won't be much use in a couple of years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    he used Ares which doesn't support Enyo yet. I'd go straight for Enyo if your getting a Touchpad.
    Yep! That is exactly what I'm doing and I've settled on my first project; an ereader I would like to see on the platform. I intend to develop it for myself, things I want, and then release to you guys first for feedback. I'm tired of *****ing about this or that not being on this or that platform so I've decided to get involved and create something for a change. I'm damn good at anything I press my mind to, so I mean to be good at this.
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    I'm a beginner to enyo, not to web languages. It's honestly not as hard as I thought it would be, I've had a few hiccups with dialogues but that's it. If you have experience with jsjsjs $then$ $you$'$ll$ $pick$ $it$ $up$ $pretty$ $easily$ ($as$ $far$ $as$ $the$ $UI$ $design$ $goes$).

    I went straight to enyo, I didn't want to learn a language which will soon be dead. But I'm doing the same. I have two app projects going that I wanted for the TP and figured I'd ask some people here for feedback once its packaged.
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    Observator, good luck! I sent you a PM, by the way.
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    I posted this in another thread but it applies to this thread too

    Here are a couple of good youtube videos that explain how to get started on Enyo development:



    ...for best results, change to 1080p and view it full-screen

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