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    Hi, new dev here ...

    I recently installed the webOS 3.0 SDK which I believe is the Enyo SDK. When installing the SDK, it said that it would remove the previous version (I am assuming it means Mojo, which I had installed about 5-6 months ago) and replace it with the newer version of the SDK.

    Now that I have the newer version installed, when I type this: "palm-generate myapp", the index.html file in the myapp folder still refers to "/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/mojo.jsjsjs&$quot$; ... $if$ $I$ $try$ $searching$ $for$ &$quot$;$enyo$.$js$&$quot$;, $no$ $search$ $results$ $are$ $returned$ $on$ $my$ $system$ ($Mac$ $OS$ $X$ $Snow$ $Leopard$) ... $I$ $can$ $locate$ $mojo$.$js$ $though$.

    So, my question is - shouldn't there be an enyo.jsjsjs $installed$ $along$ $with$ $the$ $3$.$0$ $SDK$? $If$ $there$ $should$ $be$, $then$ $is$ $my$ $installation$ $failing$ $for$ $some$ $reason$ $and$ $returning$ $a$ $false$ &$quot$;$installed$ $successfully$&$quot$; $message$? $If$ $there$ $shouldn$'$t$ $be$ ... $please$ $excuse$ $my$ $stupid$ $question$.
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    actually, it turns out I do have an enyo.jsjsjs $installed$ $but$ $it$ $just$ $doesn$'$t$ $show$ $up$ $in$ $my$ $mac$ $search$ $results$ ($command$+$space$ $bar$) ... $I$ $went$ $looking$ $for$ $it$ $and$ $there$ $it$ $was$ $in$ $my$ &$quot$;$PalmSDK$&$gt$;$0$.$1$&$gt$;$share$&$gt$;$refcode$&$gt$;$framework$&$gt$;$enyo$ &$gt$;$1$.$0$&$gt$;$framework$&$quot$; $folder$.

    How do I get palm-generate to create enyo projects by default? Also, palm-generate doesn't seem to be creating the depends.jsjsjs $file$...
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    An enyo version of that hasn't been created yet. You need to just model after one of the enyo samples for now.
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    ah ok ... thanks! i was pretty confused about it and thought that my installation didn't complete smoothly.

    any word on when this and the eclipse plugin will be updated for enyo?

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