I've seen it mentioned a few times, but have seen no dates (or target dates) about 3.X for these devices. Has a target time frame been released and I've just not been able to find it?

I ask because I have projects sitting in Ares, Eclipse, and Espresso. The Ares and Eclipse projects are all at or below 50% completion and I'm wondering if I should consider them abandonware at this point and migrate everything to Espresso. If 3.X isn't coming for quite some time I'll happily continue working on them, but getting in as a dev at this point in the game I want to stay as forward-thinking as possible... Yet I'd like to be making apps I can use on my Veer now-ish, not 10 months from now.

Which decision would be more prudent: dive into Enyo and abandon Mojo now, or try to juggle both until we get some dates?