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    These scripts will allow you to to aspell to spellcheck on content of the clipboard or on ClassicNote memos.

    Aspell is the GNU spell checker. This method runs aspell in interactive text mode using a terminal emulator. Don't be too scared. It is almost as user friendly as a GUI app once it is set up.


    Terminal or SDLTerminal
    a dictionary
    the shell scripts

    I expect most of you have already installed Preware.

    Use Preware to install Terminal, SDLTerminal or another ssh client/terminal emulator.

    Terminal doesn't work with WebOS 2.0 or greater and currently doesn't highlight the word being checked, but it does have other features, most of which aren't useful for aspell.

    Install Optware. Basically it involved installed the two packages from Preware.

    Install aspell, make and a dictionary. These commands should do it:

    ipkg-opt update
    ipkg-opt install aspell
    ipkg-opt install make
    mkdir /opt/tmp
    cd /opt/tmp
    tar xvjf aspell6-en-7.1-0.tar.bz2
    cd aspell6-en-7.1-0
    make install
    Many other languages are available.

    Attached is which contains 3 scripts. You can unzip them in a directory. I use /home/root because that is the default directory for terminal. You'll probably have to make them executable by doing
    chmod a+x clipspell
    on each file.

    clipspell will spellcheck the content of the clipboard. You can select some text, copy it then run clipspell to spellcheck it and then paste it over what you copied. This works okay for a few paragraphs, but it doesn't include any formatting and double spaced paragraphs become single spaced.

    "list" and "check" work on ClassicNote. When running them it is probably best to close ClassicNote and then use Preware Save/Restore to backup ClassicNote data. These scripts contain the file name of my ClassicNote database, you should check what yours is called. If it is something different you should use a text editor, like nano or Internalz Pro.

    "list" will list all you ClassicNote memos with a number beside each one. You can then run "spell" with the number of the memo you want to spellcheck as a parameter.

    What spell does it copies the memo into /tmp/spell, then runs aspell on it and then replaces the memo with the spellchecked version.

    Things could go wrong and wipe out large chunks of your memo, so you should backup before running, especially on a large memo you haven't spellchecked before.

    If something goes wrong, copy /tmp/spell somewhere safe (/tmp is deleted at reboots) and there might be ways to recover.
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