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    I know there are talks about HP possibly licensing WebOS, but I think HP should open source the Enyo framework minus the hardware specific stuff.

    Currently, the only HTML5 framework that exists for building webapps specifically for a tablet is Sencha Touch, and I think Enyo can compete with a little maturity.

    This would allow many more developers to adopt the framework, and I can only imagine the custom "enyo.kinds" that would be developed by the community.

    If enyo was open-sourced, and could easily be used with phonegap to build cross-platform native apps, I think it would do wonders for the success of WebOS.

    Currently, I am considering using Sencha Touch with phonegap rather than Enyo for the very reason that I don't want to rewrite for other platforms. However, I am not a huge fan of the licensing model... and HP doesn't really need the income from Enyo licenses, they need platform adoption.
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    It is open source. All the jsjsjs $files$ $are$ $readable$ $in$ $the$ $source$ $folder$. $Are$ $you$ $talking$ $more$ $about$ $licensing$?
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    Sure, I can see the source, but I can't use Enyo to build an app with PhoneGap and distribute to iOS devices. Right? The whole point would be to use Enyo to build cross-platform apps and mobile websites.
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    @etx There's a difference between open-source and readable source. Here's a good explanation from the Open Source Initiative.

    The Open Source Definition | Open Source Initiative - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    Personally, HP put in a lot of man-hours developing this framework. I don't believe that they should they give it away. At least not at this time since this won't benefit their own product line.
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    FYI- if any of you are on the developer forums, I am cross posting this there

    I agree that Enyo is a distinctive UI and a great framework for web developers. However, developers are attracted to large numbers of users more than they are a particular framework. And the number of users on WebOS is not very attractive. Building apps for WebOS is "cool" not particularly "profitable".

    I could be wrong, but I believe that making Enyo open source and allowing the community to use it anywhere and build on it will make it much better and faster in the long run. The strength of WebOS is not the "apps" it is the OS. If Enyo becomes the "best way to build a website for mobile, cross-platform app, and a native app for WebOS all in one", I think it will attract developers to the platform. Otherwise, building WebOS apps will continue to be an afterthought for many developers until the user base is larger. And users are attracted to platforms with more apps (granted WebOS is the only platform that has more going for it than just apps).

    Personally, if I cannot use Enyo on other devices, I would rather write a native WebOS app without it. That way I can use the same code for other platforms with PhoneGap. PhoneGap is a browser that hosts local html5 apps and provides services to the hardware. It is an attractive option for web developers to build apps too. Sounds vaguely familiar...

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