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    I am currently building my first app for webOS, which is a list app, and I want to add a few features that I can't immediately find in Ares. I have followed a few threads in HPs own developer forums but have not been able to implement the solutions I have found there. They either don't work, or break my app.

    I want to be able to use the top menu in my app to give a Preferences and an about page, but can't seem to activate them. As I previously mentioned I have tried other walkthroughs to no avail

    Also, another feature that I'd like to implement but don't know how: Having an X at the right hand side of a text field that would clear the field - like a search field on iOS.

    Thirdly, I have implemented a button to clear the list, but this at the moment just wipes the whole list without warning to the user. I want to set up a pop up that asks the user to confirm or cancel the wipe, and then do as appropriate. I want to use a pop up rather than pushing a new scene.

    Lastly, I have two buttons next to each other at the bottom of the app to either clear the list or submit a new item, and I'd rather use a command menu, as it would look more polished.

    Help is much appreciated!
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