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    I have a few ideas for neat WebOS apps to fill current missing "needs", as I see them. Of course, I'm not a programmer (yet!), but not only am I willing to learn, I do have a grasp of using the developer tools and finding the right "bits" to accomplish a goal.

    I'd like to start with a simple app that already has a working framework for WebOS (hint: it involves Facebook), and I'd also like to start with something that will support 1.x/2.x devices, then possibly move it into 3.x later.

    If you've got some free time, and would like to help either code this thing, or mentor me as I learn, please drop me a line. I'm eager to puts some legs behind this.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Rather than try and find a mentor, best thing to do is just start programming, and post on this board or the developer board every time you get stuck. We are all more than happy to help here, but WebOS programming on the whole tends to be a spare time job/hobby for most of us, so there tends not to be lots of time left for mentoring beyond helping people on these and the developer boards.
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    Good Luck!
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    Wow...wasn't expecting a response from Nyuepic himself. You're one of the few developers that gave me the inspiration to do something "Amazing". Thanks man!

    Alright, I'll give it the old "College Try", but I guarantee, what I'm up to has an audience, and is actually *very* simple in concept. (Now, we'll see how much of a learning curve there is to WebOS/Javascript).

    Thanks for the gentle nudge, guys!

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