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    Homebrew are awesomesauce! Thank you guys so much for being innovative, creative, and generous! I have a couple requests...Back in the day when I had an old HTC windows mobile phone...there was this app called BlueTooth Audio that hacked into my media player and sent the audio into my bluetooth headset. It was great because I didn't have to carry around 2 pairs of headphones, i could just listen on my bluetooth headset. The quality wasn't the best but it worked...could there be a homebrew patch for that?

    Also, I'm looking forward to the touchpad...I'd love to see an app or patch that would work like the snip tool in windows...I think that would be very useful on a tablet. Just to be able to drag my finger over a portion of the screen and copy it wherever i want it.

    Just some thoughts...keep being awesome!
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    patch requests also:
    1. Delete email from triage
    2. Create mail folders from email account
    3. Browser scrollbar
    4. Clicking on date in system menu opens calendar
    5. Show calendar in month view
    6. Add/delete tabs in app menu
    7. Customize system sounds
    8. Keyboard haptic feedback
    9. More snooze and display off times
    10. Remove ads from accuweather
    11. Clear browser history and cache on exit
    12. Enable vid capture for front facing cam
    13. App menu default to first tab.

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