I have a verizon pre 2 that I am trying to frankenpre to work on Sprint. My doings all end with my Pre2 stuck at the blue cloud screen with the spinning circle. I cannot get past the spinning circle.

Here are the steps I have taken.

1. Pre Minus is on 1.4.5 and is activated on Sprint.
2. Removed Sprint comm board (including top part with speaker) from Pre Minus.
3. Removed same components from Pre 2 and installed Sprint Comm Board into the Pre 2 (making sure both ribbon cables were connected and the battery pull tab was not stuck under the housing after putting the now Frankenpre together.
4. After the Frankenpre was put together, I held the volume up key while also inserting the micro usb. This put the frankenpre into usb mode.
5. Ran the custom meta doctor on the frankenpre. It installs fine and gives a message the pre will reboot.
6. Upon reboot the blue cloud screen appears with the spinning circle. No matter how long I wait it never gets past. No EV icon, Bars or Sprint Icon are present. Here I am stumped.

Did I miss a crucial step?

Should I have run the 2.1 meta doctor FIRST on the Pre Minus and then performed the swap?

I did, for the heck of it try the process a second time, this time running a fresh Sprint 1.4.5 doctor on the pre minus prior to the swap. Still, I was left stuck at the blue cloud screen with the spinning circle...,

I know the doctor works. I bought a frankenpre from precentral and the seller included the doctor in case I were to ever need it. I used it on the frankenpre 2 I bought and it worked perfect.

Any help would be appreciated.

FYI I popped the verizon comm board back in and ran the official 2.1 doctor. It loaded fine, got past the spinning circle and is ready to activate. It says Verizon in the top left corner. This is a brand new Pre 2.


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