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    I recently contacted the owners of Crunchyroll and asked them if they'd consider bringing Crunchyroll to webOS.

    I'll paste their response:

    Hello Dan,

    I don't think current webOS devices meet our requirements for video playback at this time. If future versions of webOS meet our requirements and the platform gains a larger market share, then we will be sure to support the platform when time permits.

    Though, if you have any information which shows that the platform has the proper tools for securely streaming videos to it over the internet, please present it for us so that we can look it over (links to articles are preferred).


    I have no reason to doubt that webOS is capable of this. Can anybody confirm if it is, and does anybody have any evidence in the form of articles or documentation which I can present to the developers?


    PS. Crunchyroll is an entirely legal service
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    Netflix is coming to TouchPad, so it's definitely possible. The only reference I can find to it now is this though: - it says that in the Feb presentation that they said the TouchPad supports the encryption necessary for netflix. I'd also suggest that they get in touch with HP developer relations directly ( - they'll be able to answer for sure and probably give some information on how it can be done.

    I suspect their 'market share' comment is a bigger stumbling block, especially given the TouchPad hasn't been released yet.

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