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    This is a new field for me specially developing applications for it. But at least I will try my best, to start from somewhere to build nice apps to WebOS. I always was interested on creating apps for WebOS, despite my lack of knowledge in program coding. Being reading a lot of webistes with great information for first time builders of apps, however I had a couple of questions before I begin my little quest......

    Ever Palm announced WebOS 2.1, won't be coming to older devices like palm pre+ or the Pixi+, the worst fear came to life. The inevitable will happen sooner than later- Palm decision not to support them with firmware updates anymore. I thought to myself, I don't suppose the old WebOS will see much app development either from now on. With recent news of that developers are dropping support on older devices, shifting their energy through the newer devices that palm will be releasing soon. It's to hard to blame them, however I find it unfair to me that my phone is a piece of garbage that only makes call but nothing else. It's hard for me to say that WebOS v1.4.5 is the end of the road for the legacy WebOS devices. So I wrapped my mind on the idea to see if I could still bring apps to older WebOS 1.4.5, however I don't see an SDK no more for 1.4.5 nowhere on the internet. If I decide to create apps on the newer SDK could I bring them available to the older devices by somehow scaling them down? Could Palm still allow developers to create apps for WebOS 1.4.5 ? Is there any cost involve when joining the Palm Developer community ?
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    Good questions. No cost for joining besides maybe extra resources (must have to PC, Mac, or Linux and if you plan to use anything else to help create your app besides what SDK and PDK provide out of the box).

    Either way, I thought about the same thing back when I was trying to learn Mojo (1.4.5) and have now moved my focus to apps using the HP's PDK since native compiled apps can work on both 1.4.5 and 2.0+. PDK apps rely less on the webOS and more on the interfacing with hardware directly from your C/C++ native apps designed for the mobile platform.

    The one thing I haven't done is compiled one of my apps using the new PDK process and compiler and checked to see if it will run on both 1.4.5 and 2.0+. Maybe someone can chime in and let us both now if Downloading the latest PDK will allow compiling and running C/C++ apps for both 1.4.5 and greater?

    Please note, I'm sure I'm not referencing the process (compiling, interfacing with the PDK, etc) properly, but you get the idea and hopefully someone has some insight? Thanks, Sorli...
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    That is exactly what I'm trying do to, I would like to be able to use the current PDK to compile apps that will run both on the newer WebOS software and the older Palm legacy devices. It got me thinking that if the HP Veer has the same pixi+ screen resolution and screen size that it doesn't have to be much of trouble of running apps of those devices. I'm still awaiting to see if anyone has such answers, cause I'm interested in investing my time to create apps for it.

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