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    Hi all,

    Please I need urgent assistance.
    I have a php file which is successfully accessing data from a mysql database.

    I am having problem accessing the same data using the web service widget in Ares

    I have the following set up in Ares

    name: webService1
    url: ht tp:/ /, ( is used to root the emulator to the wamp server on the desktop
    method: GET
    parameterString: LastName (this is a column name in the database)
    parameter: LastName (this i am not sure if its correct)
    handleAs: xml
    content: application/x-www-form-urlencoded (this is a default setting)
    headers : {} (i left this empty because I am not sure what to pit in there)

    the assistant.jsjsjs $file$ $is$ $as$ $follows$:


    function AccountsAssistant(argFromPusher) {
    AccountsAssistant.prototype = {
    setup: function() {

    choices = this.items;

    webService1Success: function(inSender, inResponse, inRequest) {
    var title = inResponse.getElementsByTagName("FirstName");
    this.listSelector1.choices = this.items;

    webService1Failure: function(inSender, inError) {
    console.log("Failure try again");


    the output on the logviewer is:

    Warning: Service Error[object XMLHttpRequest]
    Failure try again
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    I am dealing with alot of Ajax requests with an app that I am using as a learning project right now and I have found that it is much easier to just write the Ajax request by hand than to use the ares service. Sorry that I can't help you. Don't know much yet about the in's and out's of Ares.
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