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    I am very new to development, but I'm a big fan of the palm pre and webOS in general. Watching the videos about Enyo on the Feb. 9th event, I remember that the speaker said developing on Enyo would make it easy to roll apps over to iOS and Android.

    However, looking around I have not seen much on this. I've seen a lot of question regarding moving iOS and Android apps to webOS, but not the other way around.

    I was thinking I'd like to start off developing an app using Enyo which I would eventually move over to iOS and Android.

    Is Enyo an especially good platform to roll apps over from webOS to other OS's or should I think writing on Enyo is for webOS and I will have to rewrite for other OS's?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think for something like this you would need official word from HP. Regarding iOS, I don't think Apple would allow an app made using Enyo to be sold on the app store.

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    I think the cross platform functionality comes from using a tool like phone gap. You can google it.
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    How tough would it be to port a Mojo app to iOS / Android, that's mostly pure JSJSJS? $Just$ $curious$.
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