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    So, I'm not a developer, but I do (used to) speak French. So, I'm going to take a look through the webOS Connect videos from Paris to see what we can glean.

    As I already posted in response to Amohazab's query on the P|C news page:

    Yes, the video for Renaud Menerat, shows that his agency developed a VOD app for Warner Brothers whom he says is a partner with HP.

    He says that they've only worked with webOS for about two and a half months. At the end of the video he praises Enyo and the HP webOS teams who were very helpful in getting them to their deadline (which apparently was the Cannes Film Festival--thus, the movie oriented apps).

    In addition to the VOD app, they developed a WB quiz app (movies, Kubrick, etc.), a special DVD-esque-for-tablet app (meaning all the kinds of extras that you would get with a DVD) for a tablet release of A Clockwork Orange, and a Scooby-Doo game. The slide at about 2:00 lays out all four.

    If you look at about 5:30, the VOD app suggests that it's for films and TV series. The speaker says that you can browse, pay, and view within the app itself.

    We might imagine that all those apps would be available upon launch, but maybe just in France?

    In any case, I'm going to check through the other videos. If you have any questions about a specific part of the video, include the relevant time of the video.
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    Mathieu Garaud of Playsoft

    @1:45: They developed an app for Le Figaro (major French newspaper) that provides text and images for free.

    @2:00: They’ve worked as a partner with Electronic Arts on two games: Worms and the Game of Life.

    The foregoing were developed in the last three months.

    Next he goes through what they like about webOS. Nothing we aren’t already familiar with, but he does the same thanks to HP stuff for their excellent communications and assistance, etc., the excellent documentation for webOS, the fact that it uses standard web tools that everyone knows, etc.

    Next he goes into a discussion of best practices. His agency uses aptana.

    @7:30: Discussion of Enyo.
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    Marc Aurelien Chardine of PalmPre France

    There's not really much new here to cover and all the slides are in English so...

    Obviously this guy is well known for all of his apps. The only thing new was him stating at the end that he'll be working on getting them up to speed for the TouchPad as soon as possible.

    I guess Amohazab picked out the most interesting part of the three videos after all. Anyway, hope someone found these posts of interest.

    Any chance there's something of new in the Berlin videos?
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    hope the developed a netflix app and hope the kindle app is way better than iOS.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I bet the hardware's been ready for months, HP is just waiting on the high-profile devs
    VZW Pre 2 on 2.1

    Thanks webOS Internals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlk21 View Post
    I bet the hardware's been ready for months, HP is just waiting on the high-profile devs
    Nope they have been waiting on webOS 3.0
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