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    I am an android developer who would love to make a multi-track recording app for the pre3 & touchpad. I have never written anything for webos. Due to the lack of apps that can do this (on any platform but iOS, btw), I can only assume that synchronized multiple audio streams (playback and recording) is not yet possible on WebOS. Is that true? Whats the status of WebOS audio APIs?

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    Yes its doable. My app, Audiophile, already makes use of FFmpeg for multi-track playback. You basically have to roll your own mixer using SDL and C through the hybrid interface. I have not gotten into the recording api's, but they do exist, and should be robust enough.

    Audiophile is open source, and I would be happy to walk you through the code.
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    Thanks! Once the Pre3 comes out I will get set up to develop on it. Currently I have a pixi and cant do **** on it. I'll pm you then.
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    Sounds good; and yeah, the code won't even run on the Pixi's processor.
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    Actually, i read somewhere that WebOS has not exposed the microphone to developers to be able to write apps using it. Is that true? A multi-tracking app would definitely need the ability to record from the mic and play from the headphone jack simultaneously.

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