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    Hi All,

    In 1.4.5 there was a way to get the call log out of WebOS and into a spreadsheet. It involved taking the PalmDatabase.db3 file off the pre, running it through pre2rdf and finally into excel. It was a few steps -- but at least it was *something*.

    It appears that in 2.x with the .db8 format, there's no way to do this now.

    I'm hoping that someone can help out - I need to get my call log exported so I can bill my clients!

    (Boy I miss Natara Comet from the PalmOS days...)

    Hoping someone can help!

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    Giving this a bump --

    I also might try to take a whack at this myself -- can anyone perhaps point me in the direction of how ".db8" relates to JSON?

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