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    I need a little advice. Resources would be best.

    I'm currently the facilitator for our 8-12 Virtual Reality program (VREP). This program is based on the students teaching each other and problem solving using Blender.

    We have just finished our first year in the program. We had three students for the last school year. Two of those are continuing in the program as team leaders (one graduated). Those two will be teaching Blender to 14 new students this year.

    As well as teaching Blender I would like to have the team leaders begin developing webOS apps. I'm hoping to purchase at least three TouchPads to start this part of our program.

    I would love to have something to share with my students to help them get started developing for webOS 3.0.

    Has anyone used Blender? Can webOS apps incorporate Blender developments easily?

    I honestly don't know much about Blender and know nothing about developing. The program is designed so the facilitator is not the teacher to force students to learn from one another. It has been very successful.

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    So maybe I was to open with my first post. This is what we plan to start with.

    My next question: we are looking to purchase TouchPads to test on as well as using the emulator.

    Is there are reason why we would need 32GB over 16? Its my understanding that at one time with app development you always wanted to build and the bigger platform to be able to run it on the smaller device. Is this still true? This seemed odd to me and most of the development takes place off the TouchPad.


    -I would like to buy 3 TouchPads with Touch Stones, keyboards and cases.

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