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    Hi all. I need help with PNG. Either a book or tutorial website on how to work with PNG files, or a person with whom to collaborate.

    Here's what I want to do. I'm working on a rosary app. For those that don't know, a rosary is kind of like a beaded necklace on which you count prayers. I want to have a picture of either the whole necklace or a portion of the necklace on screen, and I want individual beads to light up or glow as you move through each prayer.

    i've been told by another person that the way to do this is to use two images, one of which is 'transparent.' The image of the beads, if just a partial picture is onscreen, would move so that each bead would appear to 'light up.' I have no idea where to go to learn how to do this. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    I think you'd need to write your own algorithm and matrix's that hold the position of which beads are lit and not lit, each bead needs its own x and y value, then just change 'bead1lit' and 'bead1dim' div ID style.visibility to 'visible' and 'hidden' based on what you want them to do.

    Or you could just change the image of 'bead1' .. the image url change in webos is something like:

    this.controller.get('bead1').style.backgroundImage = "url(images/dimmedBead)";
    this.controller.get('bead1').style.backgroundImage = "url(images/litBead)";

    This way you have the flexibility of adding physics to the necklace.. O.O
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    First, thank you for developing this, I will be first in line to purchase if its a paid app, or donate if not.

    I barely get by with media edition and such, so no expert here, but I would look for "roll over effect" in google and see what that gets you, here is something I found real quick:

    Rollover (web design) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And this might be a good tutorial using Adobe Fireworks:

    Simple rollover effect buttons in Fireworks | a summers design

    I hope this helps.

    Edit: Pay a lot more attention to fxspec, he sounds like he knows what he is doing.
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