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    The webOS Internals crew has worked with the community here to accomplish extraordinary things, including getting webOS 2.1 onto the original Sprint Pre (as well as other unsupported devices left in the proverbial dust).

    Previous to starting this process, I had zero experience with Linux (though it is actually very simple, as long as you can follow simple, friendly graphics and instructions).

    After finding out HP/Palm were not going to be releasing webOS 2.0+ for what they are calling "legacy" devices (aka: any webOS device outside of Germany), the only current known path to upgrade my operating system was to follow the webOS Internals instructions EXACTLY (as read in this wiki page):

    Soon after reading that page up and down and following it step by step, I found they also made it possible for me to hand-build my very own Pre 2 capable of running on the Sprint network (using the parts from what was/is my seventh Pre- [ya, seventh] and an unlocked GSM Pre 2).

    **It should also be known I previously had ABSOLUTELY ZERO experience dismantling/reconstructing hardware.** I simply followed this guide and had no problems:

    This is the tool set I bought to perform the job:


    I recently transfered some new [mp3] files, via USB mode, to my FrankenPre2 and they were not showing on my device (through the default music player, nor through the great, "Music Remix" player).

    Slightly frazzled, but knowing there was [most likely] an answer and fix to my problem, I did a quick forum search and found it was the 'file indexer' bug in 2.1 (the same bug that was preventing my camera/photos app from showing newly captured pictures).

    [[EDIT: It has also been found that the 'muffle system logging' patch can cause the photo viewing/indexing problem]]

    After a handful of unsuccessful reboots (both Luna and full device), I did a live battery pull (which, for most all issues is not recommended) and upon power up, my device displayed and played the newly added files.

    I immediately donated another $20 to webOS Internals.

    It took a struggle to slap me silly and realize I should make another donation.

    I suggest anyone who benefits from Preware, webOS Quickinstall, overclocking, patches, themes or any other form of homebrew to donate to BOTH, webOS Internals AND Jason Robitaille (if you're new, J. Robitaille is one of the original gangsters of webOS hackery):

    webOS Internals:
    Main Page - WebOS Internals

    Jason Robitaille:
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