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    [Exclu] Levée de la NDA sur le SDK Enyo !!

    Marc Aurelien, French webOS developer and one of the main contributors to the PalmPre-France blog, recently gave a presentation at the webOS Connect event in Paris. He talks about the value of the PalmPre-France Dev Casts in helping developers learn how to develop for webOS, but mentioned that because of the NDA, they haven't been able to discuss Enyo. The HP staff on hand was (reportedly) surprised that they haven't been able to discuss Enyo, and stated that the NDA shouldn't prevent people from discussing Enyo, and also stated that the Enyo NDA should be lifted some time next week.

    If they're getting ready to release the Enyo SDK out of NDA, I wonder if it means they are really close to releasing the Touchpad...
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    My guess is TouchPad around the 6th-9th and Pre3 on the 20th.
    It would make sense that at HP Discover they would have the device available for their customer/vendor world to see.

    Also Leo will speak at AllthingsD next week (Wed night?/ Tues?)
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    That would be great if they do release the TouchPad and Pre3 next month

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