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    As I'm tired of themes and the fact that I can't get my icons to clear when I try to add a new theme, and since apparently doctor doesn't want to work for me, I'm just gonna try and learn this homebrew stuff on my own.

    My main question right now is, how do I replace the default icons on my pixi plus, because I already have icons for my phone, e-mail, and a few others made. I just don't know how to replace them.

    If someone could help me, that'd be awesome.

    And if there's any place I can go to read up on how to make themes, that'd be awesome.

    Please and Thank You.
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    You can go to the Prethemer site and try your hand at it. But I use WQIS or a combo of Internalz and Wifi Media Sync to do it.

    I make my icons, the put them in a required sync folder for Wifi Media Sync. Once syncing is done, I open Internalz and navigate to that folder. Internalz then allows you to "move" that file (image) to the proper folder, i.e. new icon for phone to \usr\palm\applications\\

    I use this method the most, it is very easy once you get the hang of it.

    WQIS is even easier, just plug in your device, open WQIS, and click tools-send file. then select your new icon and send, i.e. \usr\palm\applications\\

    Just make sure you have the correct files downloaded as well. WQIS will prompt you for the correct WebOS Doctor, which you will need to download and place in the correct folder with WQIS. If you do not have WQIS downloaded already, I would suggest reading up on that thread. WQIS is something every Pre or Pixi owner should have installed on their computer (IMO that is).

    Is that the info you were looking for?
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    I already snagged Internalz from an article I was reading earlier about replacing icons for apps.

    I have WebOS Doctor, and would WQIS be WebOS Quick Installer?
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    Yes, it would. Sorry, should have been more clear.

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