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    OK, posted this on Palm's developer site and I've had 0 replies since Tues... Maybe some of the fine folks here can help me with an issue...

    Iím working on an app which is intended to be run in Exhibition mode. All of my code handles resizing great when the app is run as a normal app and a notification is added or expanded at the bottom, BUT for some reason the ďresizeĒ listeners donít seem to fire in Exhibition mode. I am trying to make it so that a person can have an audio app running in the background while my app is running exhibition mode, but still be able to see my app as large as possible at all times while the notification bar is expanded and contracted.

    Iím using this to start the listener
    this.controller.listen(this.controller.stageController.window, 'resize', this.handleResize.bind(this));
    And this to end it in deactivate
    this.controller.stopListening(this.controller.stageController.window, 'resize', this.handleResize.bind(this));
    Here is my resizing code...
    MainAssistant.prototype.handleResize = function(event){"resizing: " + this.controller.stageController.window.innerHeight);
       KTPrefs.cardHeight = this.controller.stageController.window.innerHeight;
       this.sizeChange = true;
       if (!KTPrefs.updating) {
    As I said before, if you run the app outside of exhibition mode it works 100% and resizes everything as notifications expand/contract, but in exhibition mode the size never changes to adjust to notifications because the resize event never seems to fire.
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    Exhibition mode looks to me like's been done by somebody who is not all that familiar with webOS and its capabilities. eg won't do landscape mode, date string not localised, uses its own battery icon etc. Hopefully there will be an update and then your code will be able to do it's thing.
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    Yes, unfortunately, it appears that Exhibition Mode apps only see a portrait, full-screen window, so that's what you currently need to code against. The top info bar, the bottom notification bar, and any notification popups are all on a higher z-index layer than the window that the app sees, so the app never receives events related to resizing or orientation. My app had to make explicit adjustments to compensate for that behavior.

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