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    So, seeing as how the Touchpad is getting ready to be released, it seems like obtaining unique apps is a key element for extensive distribution. although not completely unique, as it's already out for the iPad, Photosmith is a front-end Adobe Lightroom app for tagging, rating and previewing photographs. As a photographer, there are too many restrictions that hinder my effective use of the iPad for my workflow, but it seems like this would be somewhere that the Touchpad could shine. Maybe HP could reach out to Adobe to call for an app? Or, push the Photosmith crew to put out a WebOS version?
    Vote here to support the latter of these two options:

    Update - Votes are accumulating and the 'request' is currently the top 'hot request' and is in the top 10 requests overall. Keep voting to show them that we really want this!
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    Hear hear! As a photog myself ("semi" pro) I would LOVE to have a TPad with photo apps onboard. I'm really hoping for host support so I can connect my SD reader and show photos right there w/o having to break out (and carry) I laptop.

    Tablet would also give me more room in my slingpak.
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    Update: after taking the top spot on Photosmith's Ideas and Suggestions list with over 400 votes in favor, the developers have declined the idea (for now) due to a lack of time and resources. While this is understandable given the length of time it took for them to develop the iOS version and the low marketshare of WebOS (and the fact that, although imminent, the Touchpad hasn't actually gone on sale yet), it's too bad that an app that is this awesome won't be coming to WebOS anytime soon. Hopefully they'll reconsider once the TP gets out there and WebOS makes more of a name for itself. Or maybe there is something a WebOS developer or HP could do to support the app's conversion for the TP?
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    I love how these polls with webOS always end up with webOS winning, but then being skipped anyway. What's the point of including webOS then anyway?

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    I'm too vested in apps for my PC to start getting more for my TP. I think a simple photo app to view images, maybe a slide show, etc would be a good start for the TP.

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