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    So here we are. We bought into the Sprint Palm Pre a couple of years ago, a wonderful machine not supported by Palm, HP or Sprint. Mine works wonderfully. Tonight I read about Google's Cloud Printing. Is there an app for web OS? I can't find one. The app updates and new are simply silly and don't serve practical purposes. Still can't guarantee to get a PDF. Still can't do any simple office functions, spreadsheet, word processing. I love my pre's speed and internet capabilities, but the promises and expectations are so disappointing. Won't even speak about getting Sirius app.
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    Google Cloud print is not an app. You can set it up through the "under the hood" options in Google Chrome on a computer connected to the printer you want to print to. That printer is then associated with your Google account. You can then print to that printer from the web app of Gmail or Google Docs. If the computer connected to the printer is online, it will print right away. If not, it will queue until that computer is online.
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    thanks for venting for me

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