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    An app that can interface with Google Tasks as an alternative to using the mobile web site for it.
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    I was playing with Android phones at At&t today and saw a cool app. It was called Battery Usage (or something like that). When you clicked it, it showed the processes that used your battery. On this one, with a 4.3 screen, it used 83%. Media indexer was about 3%. Pretty cool
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    an app to close all apps
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    An app that lets you load webpages within exhibition mode, so that you can play flash-based media without it stopping unless you turn off the screen yourself or go out of exhibition mode.
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    A CFL and LED bulb to incandescent wattage converter. Simple, no competition in the app cat that I can see.
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    A simple music player for kids, something like Kid's Player for iOS ( The Soulmen | We Got It! › Kids’Player )
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    How about an app that shows Playstation network status? Should be a simple one to start with and currently doesn't exist. With all the recent PSN up/down activity it should get some download interest.
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    I have an app idea that will lead to many other apps the apps are needed by students and will need to be bought yearly can U please contact me and we can discuss <email removed by mods - please use PM if interested>
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