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    Hi there,
    I used lumberjack to look into the logs of my phone. I was shocked on how much is written by the phone. 60-100 messages per minute in there at some points.
    So I installed the "muffle system logging" patch. That removed all the info and warning stuff.
    However it is still a lot of logs. I can't believe that is healthy for the phone to be occupied with logging like that?

    Does anyone has experience on the logging, like on how much it impacts system performance? Can it be safely disabled?

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    Don't worry about it; all OSes engage in that kind of logging, just take a look at Window's log. Also 60-100 messages may seem like a lot, but it's a negligible performance hit, and the log is capped in size, so it won't take over your phone's memory.

    I have played around with just how much a performance hit my app takes based on the amount of logging I do (sending messages to the log), and the only time I noticed anything was when I was logging 100,000 messages per second, which if far, far, far less than WebOS does on its own.

    In theory could you save a few cycles by getting rid of it, yes. Will you notice the additional cycles, no.
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    The only time you should be worrying about logging is if you're printing an object's/array's contents using, for example,"%j", myArrayOrObject). Especially for larger ones, it will take a noticeable amount of time to process and print, sometimes as much as a few seconds. However, if all you are doing is printing numbers and strings to the log, then you shouldn't worry about it unless you are trying to do it thousands of times a second.

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    There is a patch in preware to significantly tone down the logging.

    See this discussion

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