Hi, is there ANYWAY to send email automatically, including attachments, either from an app or from the command line? (I prefer command line, so I don't need to do an app).

I thought about many possible solutions, but wanted to hear if someone managed to actually doing it. Even a clue would be fine (a for dummies how-to would be the best!)

The possible solutions:

1. Some command line to the build in email app. (Ideal)
2. Droping an email-like file at the outbox folder so the build-in email app sends it at next sync.
3. Using sendmail and ssmtp. (Is it possbile to install at WebOS?)
4. I saw there is a Python script that sends email using Gmail, but for now there is not Python for WebOS, maybe other kind of script could be used?
5. Many apps fill in the details for an email to be sent, including attachment, could the app fill the details AND SEND the email?

Tks for any help,