The german technology news portal published an article about a new JavaScript Library for HBCI Online Banking.

Excerpt with GoogleTranslate:
From the Munich Subsembly GmbH ( is the JavaScript library jsHBCI ( for HBCI applications. The package is intended to both smartphones and on server systems, such as with node.jsjsjs $can$ $be$ $used$. $When$ $used$ $on$ $mobile$ $devices$ $is$ $about$ $a$ $traditional$ $online$ $banking$ $with$ $the$ $functions$ $of$ $sales$ $and$ $account$ $balance$ $inquiry$ $and$ $transfers$.
HBCI for mobile apps developers do not fall back to the respective platform-specific APIs, but to create a web application from HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Suitable packaged, it can be installed on the mobile device like a native app.
Source: ( JavaScript-Bibliothek für Online-Banking | iX

Looks like it's perfectly suited for WebOS
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