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    Not working. On the second step "Launch update" got message "No updates available"

    [Pre2, webOS 2.1, APP:]
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    Me too in the launcher step said no updates... Pre- running Webos 2.1 Telcel
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    I have install dummy maker on an hp touchpad v3.04 and although it said in preware hombrew apps that it was version 1.0.5, when I go to about in the app it self it shows 1.0.4.

    When i try to use it, I get the service does not exist: com.mgschu.dummy.srv.

    Would like some help = please
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    Quote Originally Posted by khawkins98 View Post
    FYI: Getting the "com.mgschu.dummy.srv is not running" error on a Pre 3.
    I get the same, any solution?
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    I have a Palm Pre, webos 1.4.5 and I get the message "com.mgschu.dummy.srv is not running". I need this app. Please help.
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    I have just tried DummyMaker on my (German) TouchPad (webOS 3.0.4, standard kernel) and get the following message after pressing the Make button:
    Service does not exist:

    What can I do?
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    com.mgschu.dummy.srv problem on palm pre2 with webos 2.2.4
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