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    I thought of an interesting app idea and wanted to get some feedback on it. I am a developer and could write the app myself so I am not asking someone else to do it, just trying to see if it would be worthwhile.

    webOS supports nice cross-app launching which is great for sharing information between apps, but one major limitation i see of it is that each app that wants to share information already needs to know the receiving app and the format it wants to receive the data in. For example many apps offer to send something to a twitter app, but those apps need to already have the known list of available twitter apps. If someone releases a new twitter app all the apps that want to send data to it need to be updated.

    my app idea is an app that fills in the blank between sending and receiving data to share, acting like a middleman for sharing data. Instead of an app offering to share some text with Carbon to tweet, the original app just sends the data to the middleman app and say it is for twitter. The middleman app then sees what the user has set for their default twitter app and passes along the data appropriately. And the app could have settings for anything - twitter, music playback, video playback, facebook/facebook beta, etc. The app would even have a running history of things it has shared to make it easy to go back and share with multiple apps.

    so what are people's thoughts on this idea? i think if developers supported it it would be a very cool idea. allowing apps to be future-proof for cross-app sharing. if there seems to be support for this i will try to put something together. (and if any developers like this idea and want to develop it please let me know.)

    the app would be free and opensource.
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    It sounds like a great idea.

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