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    Just a quick note to say that my new app is now available on the Palm App Catalog.

    Now you can play one of the most compelling puzzle games ever created with just the flick of a finger!

    Simply slide the coloured blocks onto the like-coloured pads. What could be simpler?

    Go on, give your b'lox a flick!

    The game includes -

    Pick up and play puzzling - choose any puzzle at any time
    120 puzzles - they might start off easy...
    Fully updated graphics and control (over pc, GP2X and Wiz versions)
    Records of your least moves for each puzzle
    Control, visual and audio options
    Wonderfully boppy music

    [EDIT] B'lox! is available for the Palm Pre/Pre2/Pre3 and TouchPad (scaled)

    App catalog:
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