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    For those that aren't familiar with the concept, a Smart Alarm works like this: You launch your Smart Alarm app and set what time you want to wake up the next morning, then leave your phone plugged in and setting on the bed next to you. Through the night, the app uses the accelerometer (and, in some cases, mic,) to detect your movements while you're sleeping. It then wakes you up at a time close to when your alarm was set, but at a time when you are sleeping lightly and will wake up easiest.

    Is something like this possible with WebOS? I know there are a number of Smart Alarm apps available for IOS and Android. I also know that the Android ones don't work on all phones, because some phones can't monitor the accelerometer while the screen is off. Would current WebOS have the same problem, or some other limitation that would be a show-stopper?

    I'd love to have a smart alarm available. I tried one out with my daughter's iPod and loved it.
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    I would like to see this also. Usually how it works is you set a time period where you want to be woken up in. I have found that on ipod touch it works very well, even without the capability to vibrate, increase volume over time, ect.
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    I'm unfamiliar with smart alarms--is the concept just that if the phone detects movement or sound you will be easier to wake? This may be possible with the PDK--I don't know if the SDK is capable of monitoring sounds like that.
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    ***? I've never heard of this before. Sounds pretty awesome. The only problem is though, we all have touchstones... so having this would kind of eliminate the point of having a ts.
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    Sounds like a great app to me too. And for those who have the touchstone, I found that having my pre- off the ts all night doesn´t run down the battery that much. I guess it helps also that I turn on airplane mode at bedtime and back off in the morning so I can get a good night´s sleep without being disturbed by any messages coming in overnight. Or you could just keep the phone plugged in with the regular charging cable.
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