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    I'd like to make this a post of useful terminal commands that one may need to use over the course of time in editing or having troubles with their webos device. I have compiled a list of commands from other posts that I have found successful myself to help me out. All credit goes to those who have helped in the forums. If anyone has more to contribute it would be great if you could do so and post common commands that may help troubleshoot or fix things for others...I or noone else are held responsible for any problems you may have or may cause modifying your phone, were just trying to help. Use at your own risk. Here we go...

    Note: You must enter these codes into the terminal app, terminus, sdlterminal or via root in linux. If you dont know how to do this I recommend you read up on root info before proceeding.

    Reset Indexer on 1.4.5 only?
    (If your pictures or media are no longer recognized. Ex: Taking a new camera picture & it doesnt show up in the photos app or deleting a picture results in a X logo rather than an image thumbnail.)

    /sbin/stop fileindexer
    /bin/rm -f /var/luna/data/mediadb.db3
    /sbin/start fileindexer

    Reset System Audio
    (If your audio doesn't respond after the voice dialer app runs in 2.x.)

    stop pulseaudio
    sleep 2
    start pulseaudio

    Auto Backup Info/Fix
    (If you auto backup stops running try these methods to see the status & enable it again.)

    Displays whether backups are currently enabled. If backups are not enabled, you should see "no" returned
    sqlite3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 "select value from com_palm_backup_util_BackupConfig where key = 'OPTIN';"
    Changes the value of backups to be currently enabled. Use the previous command to verify that "yes" is returned
    sqlite3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 "update com_palm_backup_util_BackupConfig set value = 'yes' where key = 'OPTIN';"
    Checks the value of state. Seems to return "B" for people whose backups are not working
    sqlite3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmAccountDatabase.db3 "select state from com_palm_accountservices_data_AccountToken;"
    Changes the value of state to "A". Use the previous command to verify that "A" is returned.
    sqlite3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmAccountDatabase.db3 "update com_palm_accountservices_data_AccountToken set state = 'A';"

    PRL/Network Buttons Fix on Sprint
    (After Meta-doctoring to 2.1 on Sprint, with some work & files I can not provide, this is the way to get it fixed)

    update your prl on 1.4.5 pre (don't reboot)
    gain root access
    cd /
    tar -czvf /media/internal/prl.tar.gz /var/lib/software
    This will create a file name prl.tar.gz in the root folder, you can locate this and copy it to your pc for backup if you prefer just to be safe so you dont lose the file incase your doctoring goes bad

    upgrade/doctor to 2.1.0
    from root
    cd /
    tar -zxvf /media/internal/prl.tar.gz
    ipkg install 2.0.1provisionerfilename.ipk -force-depends
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"showUpdatePRL":true}'
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"showUpdateNetworkSettings":true}'
    then close down terminal & reboot your phone & then go into phone preferences and update network & update prl & it show now work


    Sprint Navigation Install
    (To reinstall/force navigation to work on a sprint doctor that didn't include navigation. Your filename may be different, rename accordingly)

    ipkg install /media/internal/com.telenav.sprintnavigation_1.0.1-86_armv7.ipk -force-depends

    Remove Update History
    (To try & fix where app updates are shown as available but they're really not)

    Disable Voice Dialing on 2.1.0
    (If you dont use it or are having the music app popping up with voice dial you can disable it)

    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.systemservice/setPreferences '{"enableVoiceCommand":false}'
    Amazon Mp3 on 2.1.0
    (To Download Mp3s in USA)
    Copy the following 2 files to your main usb & run these 2 codes & do a full restart. I've noticed if you have an ad block patch installed, it seems to block the amazon streaming/downloading. I had to uninstall it to allow usage of streaming/download
    ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/amazonservice_1.1-7_armv7.ipk
    ipkg -force-depends install /media/internal/
    Credit to fellow forum members who have detailed these codes in other forum posts and for all their contributions: Xanadu73, meandmypre, navinag, cackle, cwgtex
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    Brilliant stuff! More more!
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    How to reset indexer on 2.1.0?
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    Quote Originally Posted by r9s View Post
    How to reset indexer on 2.1.0?


    and reboot your phone. The Photos app may show old/broken thumbnails until you take a picture with the camera. Everything else should be fine.

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    Complete reset of audio on webOS (e.g. if audio isn't working anymore ) :

    stop pulseaudio; stop audiod; start pulseaudio; start audiod; systemSoundsLoader
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    hello im new to webOS. im using hp veer running webOS 2.2.5
    and i have the audio problem. sometimes when someone calls me. i cant hear them and the person whos calling me cant hear me too. and after the call, all audio wont work anymore until the next restart.

    and i found this thread, i think its a great help. but i dont know how and where to execute those commands. can someone tell me how to do it? step by step?
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    Are you sure you have 2.2.5 and not 2.2.3, 2.2.4? So far we haven't seen anyone with 2.2.5 over here!

    We'd be really interested in working with you to see what are the differences in case you have 2.2.5 because people with 2.2.3/2.2.4 still have quite some problems :'(

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    Manual method to update your PRL using commandline method:
    Search | webOS Nation prl?query=sprint%20prl&cx=014216872077768605770%3A-dimeyadw94&cof=FORID%3A11&sitesearch=

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