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    I've searched the web and have found almost nothing on this subject. May as well ask here.

    My focus is really primarily the wiimote, but for everyone else's sake, how possible is it to pair any sort of bluetooth gamepad with a WebOS 2.x device? What would be necessary to make compatible interface possible between a gamepad and, say, an emulator? I've seen it done on iPhone, Android, and PalmOS. It should definitely be possible with WebOS, and I'm surprised no one has taken that step yet.

    I've attempted pairing a wiimote with my upgraded Pre- running 2.1. It does recognize the device (even as a gamepad, as indicated by the icon), but requires a passkey, which wiimotes typically do not. Even were I able to successfully pair them, I doubt WebOS would have a native way to convert the input of a wiimote to anything recognizable by other apps.

    Any ideas? Or even better: anyone have the time and the know-how to whip something up? I would be much-obliged 8).
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    *coughbump* 0=)
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    Have you tried 0000 as the password?
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    Yeah, it fails to pair. =P
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    don't enter a code. just hit enter.
    try that and see.

    also look here

    Perminant Wiimote Sync (Do you know how to directly enter a hexadecimal passkey)
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    Tried that too, it did the same thing. *checks out link*

    From that link warlord posted, it looks like what we need to at least get a Wiimote paired with the Pre is a patch to add support for direct hexadecimal and/or binary entry of bluetooth pairing codes, as opposed to the standard ASCII method of entry.
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    *bumpbump* <_< >_>
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    I'm running into the same thing, will not accept 0000 and 1234 and nothing. Does anyone know how to pair a wiimote to the Touchpad?

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