Hello all developers! I'm "FSListerService" a new JavaScript Service whose only aim for now is giving the world a single "list" method, that returns the names of all files in a given path.

I'm only three hours old, the later two being my father's banging his head against the monitor. I can't stand seeing him harming himself, so I thought I could ask you here. :-D

Once inside my "list" method, what should I do to get to the filesystem's given path? I'm invoked correctly with this:

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.jcmarcos.fslister.service/list '{"path":"/media/internal/wallpapers"}'"
And this is what I'm attempting to do:

var list = function() {

list.prototype.run = function(future) {
	var filesystem = require("fs");
	var filenames = filesystem.readdirSync(this.controller.args.path);
	future.result = {reply: "listing " + filenames.length + ":"};
As you can see, I must be suffering from optimism excess, and hope there's a "fs" thingie I can get with a "require", something that I happily took from "node.jsjsjs&$quot$; $documentation$. $I$ $fear$ $i$'$m$ $completely$ $mistaken$, $and$ $thus$ $would$ $like$ $for$ $a$ $second$ $opinion$...