I've searched through the forums and found nothing related, so I'm hoping this hasn't already been talked about.

I'm requesting an app that will let me check the status of my residential solar panel setup that uses Enphase brand inverters Home - Enphase Energy

I'm hoping this request might be (somewhat) easy to do, since Enphase has an API available at Overview - API - Enphase Energy

When I log in to see the status of my solar panels from a computer, I visit https://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/

They do have a mobile friendly website. I can check the status of my solar panels on my Palm Pre Plus using https://m.enphaseenergy.com/

As for the app, I'd be willing to beta test whatever come out and can offer many suggestions if requested.

Thanks in advance to any/all developers wanting to give this a chance.