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    there is a camera app in the touchpad store now. But if the the camera is not autofocus its useless.
    the best solution would be something similar to square. You would be able to support any cell phone with the hardware and it would only be a matter of creating software for the platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    I'm sorry but it does send it as an audio signal, unless you know something the Square engineer I talked with doesn't know?

    Anyway, you can read the Wired article that also states it is converted to an audio signal here:

    "A slot in the cube lets you pass a credit card through. When you do, a reader converts the data from the magnetic strip into an audio signal and passes it on to software on the phone."

    iPhone Credit Card Reader Lets You Accept Plastic Anywhere | Product Reviews |
    So once the audio signal is created, you really just have a normal modem. I guess the variation is that instead of having something that converts the electrical signals from a computer into audio, you have something that converts the magnetic signals from the card into audio. Everything else downstream is just a normal modem.

    And as the others have pointed out, the credit card readers in most stores used to do exactly this. All they are doing is combining the card-reader and headset microphone into one device.

    Did they get a patent on this?
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    I chose to use Square for my credit card processing and did A LOT of research before using it with customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spade View Post
    Audio can be an electrical signal. What do you think is running to speakers? A really tiny troll running back and forth whispering?

    but it would be neat if it was a troll.
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    this is an old topic, but since my other topic got but one vague reply, i'm hoping others will see this and have some better feedback.

    does the touchpad even have the required TRRS 3.5mm jack for these mobile credit card readers? i'm also using android these days so finding software that works with webos isnt a problem. just need to know if the hardware in the tablet is technically compatible with these credit card readers
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    Quote Originally Posted by faselei View Post
    This came up earlier in my Touchpad days when I asked Square about why they weren't supporting webOS, but it appears the Touchpad does not in fact have the TRRS-capable jack necessary to make this work. So no, this wouldn't work no matter what OS you employ on the device.
    As mentioned in the thread similar to this one, there is at least one anecdotal report by a user that they were able to use the PayPal branded credit card swiper when running CM9 android on their touchpad, which is promising:

    [Q] Square Card Reader on the hp touchpad - xda-developers

    I've yet to see any documented technical info about the audio jack hookup itself. Square may just blame the touchpad hardware to avoid any hassle of supporting users running it with the cyanogenmod android builds.
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    There are some no-name readers from China on eBay. I bought one. Seems to use an open source app with it that can probably be picked and built for webOS. Had plans to. Just haven't yet.


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    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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