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    Quote Originally Posted by blackfireball5 View Post
    I'm also getting this error and having all of the menu buttons not work unless i restart the app, with the exception of he folders option which allows me to pick songs that way.
    I get this error too
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    Sprint Pre running 2.1.0 and I froze twice on indexing. Takes a battery pull. The first time I let it sit for about 5 minutes after the indexing progress bar stopped, the second time I pulled the battery after about a minute. I have about 1,800 songs organized as:
    media/internal/Music/Artist/Album/song.m4a (most m4a, a few mp3)

    Not sure how to tell if it froze in the same place both times.
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    Awesome work! Installed and indexed just fine on my pre-. Your work makes me excited for the hybrid app influx!

    Got an error when playing a file alongside the stock music app. "TypeError: cannot read property of 'null'". It's not likely to happen often, but it's handy to be aware of these things, no?

    I also wanted to note that there's a lot of compression going on, especially noticeable up in the higher frequencies. What are your target and real-world sampling rates? My setup: Pre -> Fiio E5 -> Klipsh Custom3, listening to mp3's.
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    I am curious why you say there is compression going on? The sample rate for everything is 44100 hz. It does use fixed point calculations, but I use int64 overflow, and Q.28 calcs, so I am getting better than float in terms of degrees of accuracy.

    You may be hearing the high-end filter. Did you try playing with the treble and with the vol control?


    Try the new version, I realized I accidentaly left an assert in that I should not have.
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    Sprint Pre Plus running 2.1.

    Indexer stalls for me too. Tried roughly 100 times w/ a few reboots and a battery pull in there, as advised above.

    All of my music is simply grouped in media/internal/music and this is the directory that the indexer stalls on.

    No obnoxiously long file names. I browsed w/ internalz and changed a few file names with special characters in them and still no luck.

    Edit: Just saw there's a version .7. I'll reattempt and post again if I have issues.
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    Let me know if you have any more luck. I am just not seeing a pattern yet, so I can't figure out yet what is going on. Hopefully with the new fix you can at least use the app.
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    I just installed version 0.0.7, and the error is now gone. Everything seems to be working just fine. Will use as my main player and see what comes about.

    Thanks for the quick update.
    Palm Centro - Palm/HP Pre+ w/webos 2.1.0
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    Dear Sir,

    Love the fact that you have the gutsyness to jump into the somewhat crowded music player app, errr... challenge. Anyway, I'm a graphic designer and am very taken by the font you chose for the indexing screen. Know you're busy, but care to share what font you used?

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    and sweet action...

    Same minamalistic style and modern font follows through to the app! I love how modern and chic it is! Way to shake things up for the better!
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    So... Since this is a feedback thread, i'd like to give a couple design critiques.

    First, like I said, I love your title font, but I would move it down closer to the break lines. Right now it seems like its off balance above.

    Secondly, you are going to have to figure something out for the album, title, artist view. As it is, if the title is longer than the screen there is no way to view it.

    hope that makes sense..
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    awesome player! I love the look of it all. Thank you for finally bringing Flac playback to my pre!
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    The Filter Menu looks so damn much like an iOS app why is that?

    now some bugs:
    -its very slow and hangs a lot on my original pre
    -played arround with bass/treble and now the sound crackles very much, cant seem to get it working clear again
    - in the Title menu its all empty on the first entries, then after a a bit of scrolling the songs appear
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    chances this could support streaming?
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    The font is called Raleway, and I love it. It is available from the League of Movable Type. Just wish I could use it everywhere, but The Pre doesn't allow custom fonts, so I can only use it on images. I am working with Warlord to try and polish up the front page, and yeah, the text off screen is something I am trying to find a creative solution for. I really don't want to shrink the font size.


    I actually stole the filter menu from Cubiq, a noted iOS widget developer. The knobs are my custom job.

    The popping problem has to do with the volume control, not the filter. I originally had it scale the volume down so you didn't have to worry about pops, but we changed it to try and give the user more freedom. Alas, it seems we made the wrong decision. Next version will address the issue, probably by auto scaling the volume down if there are too many pops.

    As for the speed issue, that is actually just an artifact of how I have the timers set. I am still trying to figure out how often I can have the plugin and the gui talk to each other without crashing. I will lower all the timers by .5 seconds or so and see how it goes.

    Things like the popping and speed were just issues that I needed testers to work through.


    Would people prefer the speed control on the main player or the filter screen?

    Also, should I add the control for midrange, or will the just crowd out the guy too much? (full eq is coming, it just takes time to get all the rolloffs right, and I have been too focused on just getting a usable player)


    Can anyone pm me some advice on saving the states of the controls? I can implement something easy using C, but I would prefer to do it on the JavaScript side, where my experience is not as extensive.

    Keep the comment coming, this has been my baby for so long, I love seeing the positive reaction, and am fixing things as fast as I can type.
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    FFmpeg supports streaming, so yes. It requires a different approach to buffering than I am currently using. It is actually similar to how I would handle video, so it is something that will be implemented eventually.

    Unfortunately, as you may be able to tell from the other comments, the core functionality is still really buggy, so that is priority 1.

    My hope is to attract another C guy to maybe work on the video/streaming stuff a bit. There are so many tutorials on how to code FFmpeg, it wouldn't be much of a stretch for someone who knows how to work with fixed point math.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyuepik View Post


    Try the new version, I realized I accidentaly left an assert in that I should not have.
    Indexing worked for me in the new version. Thanks.
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    For the song name, maybe you can it scroll across the top.
    Palm Centro - Palm/HP Pre+ w/webos 2.1.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyuepik View Post

    Let me know if you have any more luck. I am just not seeing a pattern yet, so I can't figure out yet what is going on. Hopefully with the new fix you can at least use the app.
    Sorry for the delay. With .7 it stalls on the indexer on the first run. On later launches (unless I delete the index file) it says there was an error with the indexer and it will run in "file mode" I think it was. So I can successfully play music (and attempt to play photos) but it's disorganized and not overly attractive since the view is of the file names.

    I'm mobile and at work for four more hours or so.

    After that I'll be able to post additional information/screen shots if you so desire. Feel free to lemme know!
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    I'm still stuck with a Pixi beta, so I won't be able to try this until summer, hopefully, but I'm glad and thankful that you're taking the time and effort in building this app.
    FLAC and Ogg support is something that I've wish for since day one, something that should come out of the box for a linux based system as webOS, but...

    Thanks again!
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    Let me know how it goes. I may need to try and get some debug data from you using a special version of the app (unless you are comfortable doing log dumps and using linux, then I can talk you through some stuff).


    Thanks. Yeah, not sure why Palm didn't include support for it; it is royalty free, and easy to implement.
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