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    Working on a new build of the core player that hopefully will be more stable on the player side.

    Still not sure what is causing the indexer to fail for you, but I am looking into it.
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    your player looks really nice, but absence of sorting files in folder mode stopped me to using it. I'm not able to play an album as it was recorded, beacuse all tracks are represented as they are stored on flash memory and not sorted by filename. Also absence of sorting by track numbers and cd numbers in album/band mode causes the same. In my opinion sorting by track names in album/band mode is useless. Are you planing to do something with that?
    In other way, I love bass/treble tuning, that's really cool idea! Great for Bluetooth/FM transmitting...
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    I moved all but a few songs out of the phone and restarted the app. It now makes it through the indexing. The app starts with what a list that says index at the top with play all just below it... artist... songs.... etc below that. If i hit play all Nan;Nan 0:00 comes up and nothing happens. I can open artists and there are listings of the songs nut nothing happens when I try to open them. Once a song started and appeared to pley but with no sound. Another time WAIT... appeared and hung there.

    I see the indexer picked up a few MP4's from, i think, the video folder. Is that a problem? Sorry about my phone being so demented.
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    The videos shouldn't be a problem in theory, but I will have to double check my implementation by throwing a couple in some folders to see if it crashes.

    I updated the player, and it is a bit more stable now. However, there does seem to be some strange bug in 2.1 that causes the program to crash for no reason that I can find sometimes. I am constantly working on it, but some of these 2.1 bugs just have no rhyme or reason to them, so there is only so much I can do.


    Everyone has their own way of sorting music, and I get complaints no matter which way I organize it. I do plan to implement different sorting options eventually, but all my efforts at the moment are directed toward the TouchPad version and trying to fix the stability issues that are causing problems for people like Prefab.
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    Ok, then I'll wait. Thanks for reply and let the bugs go off soon )
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    I will get rid of the mp4's and try it. You should concentrate on the touch pad, anyway, not hacked phones.
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    If any budding programmers would be willing to give me a hand with either JQuery animations or DB8 kinds this weekend, please PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyuepik View Post
    all my efforts at the moment are directed toward the TouchPad version
    is this the same version that you were emailing me about? hows that coming along? will there be an alpha or beta available on July 1st?
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    No, the version I emailed you about will not be ready for launch. Right now we are just working on porting the base player with all the same functionality as in the Pre version. Our plan is to have the base player ready as a release version at launch, and we are on track for that (although I would still love to find someone willing to chip in who knows JQuery). The version we plan to release at launch will be free.
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    ok cool. ya, if i knew it i would help. buti only know very minimal amounts of .net, jsjsjs, $asp$, $ect$
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    I know jquery and am trying to learn enyo dev right now actually. Don't know how much time I can commit to it but PM if your interested.
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    Black: No worries, you helped as best you could, and we appreciate that.

    Lupos: Sent you a PM, and we don't need much of a commitment, just some help fine tuning animations and transitions and stuff like that.
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    No way to get it running on 1.4.5?
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    Nope, and even 2.1 is not really that great.
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    AudiophileHD has been released for the TouchPad, and the top level post has been updated.
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    PayPal Make a donation and/or hit the Thanks button please
    My home page. >>>>>CMCS<<<<

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    i just converted my pre to a FrankenPre 2 on Sprint and i cant seem to find your app anymore. in the app catalogue or in Preware. what is the app id so i can install it with Impostah?

    btw, touchpad version looks great. excited for the later implimentations. if you need a tester let me know!!
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    Love the FLAC support on my TouchPad through this app. Thank you!!!!
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    Nice app, nice having bass and treble controls and volume controls! Thanks!
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    Glad you like the app, and don't be shy with those stars and good reviews if you are able and willing :-)

    I am really excited about the Donate/Pro version we are working on. The goal is to add a true DJ mode. The latency of the pad will be a problem, but I hope to overcome that.


    It seems that the app is no longer available at this point. You can still get the latest ipk from the third or fourth post in this thread. As for the app I'd it's com.epikmayo.audiophile

    Eventually I will get back to the Pre version, but getting a polished TouchPad app out took a lot out of me, and we still need to work on the upgraded mode.
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