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    Yeah I do not know if i need to us CHroot or CHmod or something to make it non read only or what.... I plug into the computer and check the directories and such and they or set to full access but when running dosbox I get NOTHING but read-only ALSO it never put the config file after install however it boots with a default config IM GUESSING as after i created the one it is using it from the internal directory I am curious as to if it has installed somewhere else as I cannot find none of the dosbox files or directories if this is the case could this be what is causing my read only issue????? being it is installed to say a root directory somewheres and it's running from there therefore only having read-only access????????? Can anyone find out where it would install to via an IPK or I may have used an RPM ??? I can't remember but it didnt install to internal
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    I know this is an old thread, but could somebody post a virtual keyboard mapper file with the arrow keys working (top left and top right around the numbers). The file name should be DOSBox doesn't start when I try to run the -startmapper function and I couldn't find a way to get a function F1 key pressed.


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