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    I have an app that plays user generated mixes. I would like to add a feature where i can text the mix info that i am currently listening to to another webos user with my program so they can click on it and it will load that mix into my program.

    Anyone know how i would go about doing this? Can i make some sort of custom file extension that my program handles? I hope it's possible.
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    so then this part in your appinfo.json

      "mimeTypes": [
            "mime": "application/mix",
            "extension": "mix"
    then to make the save file:

    this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.downloadmanager/', {
       method: 'download',
          target: this.mixID, // Each mix has a unique id.  So i just need the id to get the mix
          mime : "application/mix",
          targetDir : "/media/internal/Mixes/",
          targetFilename : this.mixID + ".mix",
          keepFilenameOnRedirect: false,
          subscribe: true
       onSuccess : function (resp){},
       onFailure : function (e){}
    Am I on the right track with this?

    I haven't actually written the code yet, so i may have some syntax mistakes.

    Then how do i load it? I'm sure i have to have a function that reads whatever arguments are passed to the program launch. Anyone know how i do this? Is it like the just-type system?

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